Social studies

How student-focused instruction is working wonders for these districts

Allowing students to schedule their own days, grouping them by achievement rather than grade level, and offering them "real life" experiences—such as running an in-school store—are turning out to be extremely successful.

Teachers rank the 10 main reasons to teach civics and citizenship

Preparing students for future political engagement ranked last when teachers were asked why civics and citizenship education is necessary; critical and independent thinking top the list.

3 ways an honest history education can heal a fractured country

When done right, American history instruction creates independent thinkers and respectful debaters.

Are K-12 education politics cooling off?

There are signs that some of the fury that has boiled up around education politics is beginning to ebb as most schools leave masks and other COVID safety precautions behind.

Research backs these 8 strategies for building reading skills in young students

Developing reading comprehension skills in the early grades has been long seen as one of the keys–if not the key–to students' future academic success. What has not been as clear are the best ways to build that capacity.

K-12 culture wars: Republican-led states continue battle against critical race theory

As the Florida measure critics call the "Don't Say Gay" bill awaits final approval, a new curriculum transparency law requires schools to list library books and reading materials.

Why new LGBTQ restrictions could undo 10 years of improving climate for studentsl

Recent limits on teaching LGBTQ topics and student activities fly in the face of years of growing inclusion and affirmation by educators, schools, and yes, even state lawmakers.

How high achievers could pay the price for restrictions on teaching about race

State lawmakers scrambling to restrict the teaching about race and racism, LGBTQ issues and other topics risk seeing their schools lose advanced placement classes.

7 age-appropriate ideas for helping students grasp the war in Ukraine

Educators across the U.S. are looking for ways to help students understand Russia's invasion of Ukraine and process their fears of escalating violence. Several organizations have already developed lesson plans.

How do our teachers feel about attacks on critical race theory? Scared.

The uproar over critical race theory is doing real damage to teachers and administrators who are now feeling under siege and at risk.

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