Anne-Marie Imafidon wants to help K-12 educators make STEM HERstory

The British computing prodigy and driving force behind shifting social norms will speak at FETC about how mentors and a growth mindset can inspire more female students to become the STEM leaders of the future. 

Here is where you can discover hundreds of edtech innovations in one place

It's the conference within the conference—the vast 2023 FETC Expo Hall will host several special events and 400+ solutions providers.

5 ways school leaders can break down silos to get more students in STEM

Does your school or district teach STEM—or are science, technology, engineering, and math taught as four separate and distinct subjects?

Successful cybersecurity relies on students getting a head start

The virtual K-12 program CYBER.ORG Range allows teachers to guide students through a controlled virtual environment where they can practice deploying and discovering cyberattacks in an effort to draw future candidates to the field of cybersecurity.

4 ways to inspire our most creative thinkers to love STEM

With the rapid pace of technological change and global challenges, we need as many students as possible to become innovative problem solvers and STEM thinkers.

Why cybersecurity skills in K-12 take commitment, not complexity

Cybersecurity in schools starts with a commitment to increased awareness of phishing and other scams, and vigilance from the top down.

Coding can be pretty personal. You should teach it like an art form

A "personal art of coding" mindset is key for today's students because computer science can be just as creative as painting or writing music, says K-12 IT leader Pam Whitlock.

Numbers don’t lie: Is it time for schools to require computer science?

Although access to computer science education has increased, only 5.6% of high school students are enrolled in a course.

3 ways hands-on learning makes computer science accessible to all

With the digital evolution and technology-driven future, teaching computer science is no longer an option, it is a necessity.

It’s time to get your students excited about computer science

Research indicates a growing need for computer science education, especially for students with disabilities.

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