Meals and dining services

Healthy meals: Schools now have access to $50 million for nutrition

Grant funds will help K-12 leaders procure a wider variety of healthy, appealing meals while promoting innovation by food suppliers.

Will schools ever provide universal free meals? Now, help is on the way

Serving healthy and free meals to all students is a key pillar of the Biden Administration's wide-ranging effort to wipe out child hunger.

6 strategies for retaining school food service employees

Creating a positive culture where school nutrition employees enjoy coming to work has always been a priority. In the current labor market, it’s more critical than ever.

How to prepare your school for the end of free meal waivers this fall

Students will continue to eat free lunch this summer but, unless there is further Congressional action, districts will soon face the heavy administrative lift of K-12 food service.

Schools can serve free meals this summer but that may change (again) in 2022-23

Pandemic-era flexibilities will change during the new school year even as eligibility for free- and reduced lunch is expanded and reimbursements increase.

K-12 groups blast loss of free meals while some praise spending package

Loss of free universal meal waivers will "devastate school meal programs" and is a "worst-case scenario" for children nationwide, anti-hunger advocates and education leaders say.

Superintendents share lessons learned after challenging start to 2021-22

Strong leadership and communication have been critical to administrative offices and all staff throughout schools.

Build back later? Progress on bill with education provisions stalled until ’22

In a statement released Dec. 16, President Biden said negotiations will "continue next week," adding that "it takes time to finalize these agreements, prepare the legislative changes, and finish all the parliamentary and procedural steps needed to enable a Senate vote."

Build Back Better Act approved by House has millions for CTE, teacher training

Build Back Better bill includes $112 million each for school leadership and teacher development and funding for universal pre-K and free school meals.

How schools across US are grappling with sudden supply chain food shortages

District leaders are having to change menus daily as food suppliers are forced to substitute products, putting pressure on students with allergies to check ingredients.

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