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Where your state ranks among the best and worst pre-K education systems

WalletHub ranked the best and worst pre-K education systems in the U.S. based on access, quality, and resources and economic support.

District leaders: Do your students practice accelerated learning?

Accelerated learning is more successful in closing math-related learning gaps compared to remediated learning, according to research.

3 keys to using UDL as a powerful antiracism tool

The idea behind Universal Design for Learning is that students come to us with a unique mix of strengths, weaknesses, values, and lived experiences—and we need to honor these in our teaching.

Why mental health days can help but will not solve a bigger crisis

Allowing students to take mental health days when they are struggling emotionally is a positive step but won't solve the wider crisis K-12 leaders are confronting. 

School safety expert: We’re in for another challenging year

To prepare for another difficult school year, schools should be practicing emergency safety drills on day one.

More children’s books under siege by Florida school district

As censorship continues to creep into K-12 schools' libraries, one district is starting to place warning labels on their children's books.

Rural schools build their own arsenal of AR-15 rifles to stop shooters

AR-15s will be stored in gun safes in undisclosed locations in Madison County's six schools so resource officers can "meet violence with violence."

This $51 million Pre-K-12 campus is providing its students with an academic head start

After 10 years of planning, students at Berkshire Local Schools in Burton, Ohio are getting ready to experience next-level project-based learning in their brand new $51 million campus.

Monitoring students online should keep them safe. Here are 7 problems

Is the purpose of tracking online activity to protect or punish students? Too often, it seems to be the latter, researchers say.

Odds are, monkeypox won’t disrupt your schools…but COVID still might

Monkeypox is making headlines but health experts say school leaders shouldn't worry about the infection becoming as disruptive as COVID.

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