College and career readiness

These states continue to top the list for high school graduation rates

The last time high school graduation rates were collected, the U.S. received a tremendous pat on the back for achieving its highest percentage since data analysis on the topic began. But which individual states produce the most high school graduates?

Why many high school graduates don’t feel ready for college and career decisions

Industry leaders say the No. 1 challenge is a shrinking talent pool but making college and career decisions troubles many high school grads.

Why these students are grooming dogs and running a bank—at school

Blackman High School in Tennessee gives students real-world experience in pet care and finance to prepare them for their future careers and help support the school's academic programs in the process.

How well does each state teach financial education? Tennessee tops the list

A new report ranks states on how well they provide financial education, including those that don't require financial literacy courses.

Leadership Series: This principal now serves the school that raised him

Dr. Johnnie Marshall was an observer and student teacher in the school's first years of existence. Now, he's giving back through leadership.

More colleges are doing away with test requirements for good

At least 1,835 U.S. colleges have implemented test-free or test-optional admissions in the hopes of developing a more diverse pool of applicants, although student access to high school AP or IB courses will remain a factor in their acceptance.

Successful cybersecurity relies on students getting a head start

The virtual K-12 program CYBER.ORG Range allows teachers to guide students through a controlled virtual environment where they can practice deploying and discovering cyberattacks in an effort to draw future candidates to the field of cybersecurity.

Who is on the positive side of the growing gender gap in education?

The gap exists in every U.S. state, beginning in elementary school and lasting through college graduation, according to new research conducted by the nonprofit public policy organization Brookings.

How you can help ensure your students will succeed—without an SAT score

Enthusiasm continues to build for replacing standardized exams with more "authentic assessments" such as research projects, presentations and portfolios of other high school work.

Students lack important data about themselves. Here’s what they want

Less than half of high school students received information about whether they’re meeting grade-level expectations or if they’re on track to graduate, a survey says.

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