After School Satan Clubs are now a thing—but the devil’s not invited

After School Satan Clubs are about lighting up students' curiosity, not devil worship or attempts to convert children to Satanism—the organization doesn't even believe there is a Hell, the Satanic Temple says on its website.

A student wore a Nazi Halloween costume. Now the principal is suspended

The Chicago Teachers Union called on the city's mayor to remove the principal permanently because of what it described as a history of intolerance at Jones College Prep.

3 keys to using UDL as a powerful antiracism tool

The idea behind Universal Design for Learning is that students come to us with a unique mix of strengths, weaknesses, values, and lived experiences—and we need to honor these in our teaching.

8 things to watch out for as you design culturally responsive teaching

Superintendents and their teams are now getting some guidance around choosing new tools to make the curriculum relevant for all students.

We must trust Black women if we are ever going to diversify ed-tech

Only 28% of people working in the tech industry are women, and a staggering 2% of those are Black women. It's time that we must address the challenges Black women face in the tech workplace.

A snapshot of 7 states where voters support limiting what schools can teach

A recent survey of swing state voters shows growing support for prohibiting teaching about LGBTQ issues to younger students and barring critical race theory

Why expanding language access is critical in our increasingly diverse schools

Many districts have hit a roadblock: They're unsure of how to implement robust language access in a way that's most effective for students and their families.

6 elements teachers and parents say are essential to student success

Administrators, if you haven't asked your teachers what they think are the essential components of student success, that information is being gathered for you.

Many teachers and principals want politicians to stay out of the classroom

Here's an alert for administrators: Parents are more concerned about non-educators making decisions about what students learn than they are about their children's reading and math skills.

How far is your state from reaching racial equality in education?

Analysts compared the difference between white and black Americans with high school and college degrees, and their test scores and graduation rates to determine levels of racial equality in education.

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