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Odds are, monkeypox won’t disrupt your schools…but COVID still might

Monkeypox is making headlines but health experts say school leaders shouldn't worry about the infection becoming as disruptive as COVID.

DOE: K-12 students will have better access to mental health services

In an effort to tackle this mental health crisis, the Biden-Harris administration announced two primary actions to address youth mental health on Friday.

How to solve problems that come with putting more counselors in schools

The role of school counselors needs to be clearly stated in legislation so they can use their unique skills to help students, teachers, and families.

Students say they need more emotional support and better safety procedures

In a national survey of school leaders, public safety officials, mental health experts, teachers, parents and students published by Safe and Sound Schools in collaboration with Raptor Technologies and Lightspeed Systems, respondents revealed their thoughts about student safety in schools.

How the principal-counselor relationship can improve student success

As students prepare to return to school in the fall, it's important for district leaders to come prepared to address the issues that linger as a result of the pandemic.

A snapshot of 7 states where voters support limiting what schools can teach

A recent survey of swing state voters shows growing support for prohibiting teaching about LGBTQ issues to younger students and barring critical race theory

3 superintendents to watch: Taking care of each and every student

The emotional well-being of students is the north star for educators in Linden Public Schools, an urban district in New Jersey. What other districts call SEL has been retitled  "social-emotional cognitive growth."

How to prepare your school for the end of free meal waivers this fall

Students will continue to eat free lunch this summer but, unless there is further Congressional action, districts will soon face the heavy administrative lift of K-12 food service.

How the community school model can help your district forge a better future

California is placing a $3 billion bet on the potential power of the community schools model to solve urgent student needs that have been amplified by the pandemic.

ESSER ideas: 2 ways to boost learning with healthier schools

Tutoring and other academic interventions are not the only ways to boost student learning with your district's ESSER relief funding.

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