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You’ll be inspired by this school’s mental health first aid ‘first responders’

Students at Wayne Valley High School are getting mental health first aid from classmates who have been trained to spot danger signs of anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and other mental crises.

Anxiety alert: Teachers are more stressed out than frontline workers

'We would have guessed healthcare workers battling COVID-19 on the front lines during a public health crisis would display the most anxiety,' researcher says of teacher stress levels.

Healthy meals: Schools now have access to $50 million for nutrition

Grant funds will help K-12 leaders procure a wider variety of healthy, appealing meals while promoting innovation by food suppliers.

Why should K-12 leaders support esports? Let us count the reasons

Higher attendance, deeper engagement and improved mental health are just three of the benefits to students. Learn all about it at more than a dozen esports sessions during the 2023 Future of Education Technology® Conference in New Orleans in January.

School flu closures are spreading, hitting the southeast U.S. hardest

In what may be a sign of disruption to come, school closures are spreading almost as rapidly as the illness.

Here are the states where millennial school employees suffer the most mental distress

When you consider the impact of the pandemic and the current state of the economy, it's no surprise young employees are struggling with their mental health.

Why are schools closing this week? Rising flu and respiratory infections

One-fifth of an Alabama district's faculty and nearly 20% of students were absent this week due to illness.

Happiness gap: 10 signs that some students are less OK than others

Students' perspectives on happiness, suicide, bullying and getting help provide some eye-opening revelations about the severity of our mental health crisis.

The flu sends home nearly half of one Virginia high school’s students

Nearly 1,000 students were absent from school last week with flu-like symptoms, indicating a troubling flu season ahead.

Why these 11 schools top the latest rankings of America’s healthiest

The healthiest schools excel in family engagement, social-emotional learning, staff well-being and other key components of K-12 climate. 

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