More children’s books under siege by Florida school district

As censorship continues to creep into K-12 schools' libraries, one district is starting to place warning labels on their children's books.

Florida schools are told to ignore Biden’s LGBTQ discrimination guidelines

A memo from the Florida Department of Education urges its schools to disregard the Biden Administration's Title IX guidelines.

‘Culture of fear’: Do LGBTQ+ students get enough support at school?

Teacher survey: LGBTQ+ students are the least likely population to have their needs met at school but teaching about the community's history is seen as less important than other topics.

Why the lack of LGBTQ school board members is a problem

The fraction of school board members who say they are part of the LGBTQ+ community is tiny. But the level of verbal attacks and physical threats they are enduring is not.

Many teachers and principals want politicians to stay out of the classroom

Here's an alert for administrators: Parents are more concerned about non-educators making decisions about what students learn than they are about their children's reading and math skills.

Biden administration moves on several fronts to protect LGBTQ students

The Biden Administration and federal education officials say they must shield LGBTQI+ students from "unrelenting political attacks" such as Florida's "Don't Day Gay" law.

‘Don’t Say Gay’ is inspiring even stricter limits on LGBTQ topics in schools

Even stricter measures have surfaced, including a Louisiana bill that would prevent educators from discussing sexual orientation through eighth grade, and a Tennesse proposal to bar instructional materials that "normalize" LGTBQ lifestyles.

Why new LGBTQ restrictions could undo 10 years of improving climate for studentsl

Recent limits on teaching LGBTQ topics and student activities fly in the face of years of growing inclusion and affirmation by educators, schools, and yes, even state lawmakers.

LGBTQ+ topics are being pushed out of schools. What do adults say?

Despite a wave of new laws that hit schools this week, a majority of adults oppose banishing sexual orientation or gender identity topics from U.S. classrooms.

Why LGBTQ youth face a higher risk of suicide and self-harm

About as many LGBTQ+ youths considered suicide in the past year as reported not being able to find sufficient mental health care, according to an advocacy organization's survey. 

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