Special education

Why accessibility tools and apps can be a boon for all students

By definition, documents and web pages are accessible when individuals with disabilities can engage the content; however, everyone benefits from what these tools can do.

What do school leaders need to know to help disabled students rebound?

Unknowns include how many students are being identified for special education, how many students are awaiting services and whether underqualified teachers are filling vacancies.

Why special education services in Head Start programs are falling behind

Special education services and individualized education programs aren't being fully implemented in a timely letter, officials write.

4 reasons these are the hardest school positions to staff right now

Special education teachers and transportation staff accounted for the most concerning school staff shortages, a survey finds.

Special education placement is a rather moral and ethical question

Researchers call for ambitious transformation in K-12 education to provide inclusive learning opportunities for students with disabilities.

4 ways Black students with disabilities will get equal access in school

Black students with disabilities more often receive "stigmatizing classifications" such as developmental delay but their parents have more difficulty accessing special support.

How are special education schools retaining highly qualified teachers?

Administrators and principals must balance recruiting special education teachers with providing support to retain those teachers.

Get ready for substitutes in special education classrooms

Using case law and hypothetical scenarios, new guide illustrates a school district's legal obligations and consequences for failing to fulfill them.

New guidance from DOE addresses disciplinary practices for students with disabilities

At a time when mental health challenges have become a top priority for K-12 schools across the country, the Education Department released new guidance on discriminatory discipline practices for students with disabilities.

How an innovative tech program opens career paths for students with visual impairments

More than 90% of the pilot program's participants said they planned to study cybersecurity in college, pursue cybersecurity credentials or go directly into the cybersecurity workforce.

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