Student behavior

Why mental health days can help but will not solve a bigger crisis

Allowing students to take mental health days when they are struggling emotionally is a positive step but won't solve the wider crisis K-12 leaders are confronting. 

Rural schools build their own arsenal of AR-15 rifles to stop shooters

AR-15s will be stored in gun safes in undisclosed locations in Madison County's six schools so resource officers can "meet violence with violence."

Monitoring students online should keep them safe. Here are 7 problems

Is the purpose of tracking online activity to protect or punish students? Too often, it seems to be the latter, researchers say.

How to get your chronically absent students to come back to school

Many administrators are relying on teachers and other staff to contact families of chronically absent students. Experts also say a focus on safety and climate will convince students to return.

6 ways tech can help protect our children from mass shootings

Recent tragedies prompted the first major gun safety legislation in 30 years. But it’s clear that this problem can’t be solved by our elected officials alone.

Where does your state rank on the list of best school systems?

“Quality” and “safety” are the two key measures in fresh rankings of the states with the best and worst school systems.

New guidance from DOE addresses disciplinary practices for students with disabilities

At a time when mental health challenges have become a top priority for K-12 schools across the country, the Education Department released new guidance on discriminatory discipline practices for students with disabilities.

How the principal-counselor relationship can improve student success

As students prepare to return to school in the fall, it's important for district leaders to come prepared to address the issues that linger as a result of the pandemic.

How a Texas superintendent is defending a dress code that bans dresses

Ban on hoodies and dresses is meant to prepare K-12 students for the workplace by teaching them to dress professionally, according to a video created by Forney ISD.

These 4 themes are shaping educators’ visions for future school resiliency

Administrators can find hope in the fact that more teachers believe their students will recover academically from the difficulties of the last three school years.

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