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The education industry is now the no. 1 target for cyberattacks

Over 80% of malware attacks were aimed at industries in the education sector in the last month, according to new research.

Tweets of the week: Sharing words of wisdom for the new school year

Educators are encouraging each other to be courageous as the new school year gets underway in District Administration's K-12 tweets of the week.

Monitoring students online should keep them safe. Here are 7 problems

Is the purpose of tracking online activity to protect or punish students? Too often, it seems to be the latter, researchers say.

Online schooling helps students feel confident about their futures

Should schools continue to utilize virtual learning? That's the question districts are trying to answer. However, the solution isn't so clear-cut as the reviews are incredibly mixed.

Tweets of the week show education Twitter hoping for a more normal school year

Some leaders, such as Principal Stacey Anderson of Woodland School District 50 in Illinois, are using education Twitter to give shout-outs to their new teams. 

Enter to win the Top Ed Tech Product of the Year awards

Education leaders looking to explore their options among the rapidly growing education-tech marketplace — which has grown even more crowded  — often turn to...

We must trust Black women if we are ever going to diversify ed-tech

Only 28% of people working in the tech industry are women, and a staggering 2% of those are Black women. It's time that we must address the challenges Black women face in the tech workplace.

6 ways tech can help protect our children from mass shootings

Recent tragedies prompted the first major gun safety legislation in 30 years. But it’s clear that this problem can’t be solved by our elected officials alone.

How to future-proof education with the convergence of AV and IT

AV-over-IT is about the complete delivery of audio and visual experiences through entirely software-defined workflows on computers through standard, network infrastructure.

Choosing new ed-tech? Try asking students what they want

Inviting student perspectives into technology selection is meaningful, and the consequences of not considering student viewpoints can be counterproductive and detrimental to learning.

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