Instructional technology

How artificial intelligence helps me provide more coaching for teachers

You probably share this initial skepticism: “What? Teachers talking to computers for instructional coaching?!” Find out why one instructional coach changed her mind about using AI to better support educators.

How AI can be the tool that helps keep students’ eyes on their textbooks

The technology literally brings learning to life as it converts the words in a textbook into dynamic visual demonstrations.

Why accessibility tools and apps can be a boon for all students

By definition, documents and web pages are accessible when individuals with disabilities can engage the content; however, everyone benefits from what these tools can do.

Educators, let’s explore the 3 domains of digital learning to reaffirm our purpose

We can develop a more meaningful understanding of digital learning that addresses student wellness, competency, and creativity.

Social media in school: Why it doesn’t have to be a nuisance

Instead of trying to shield students from social media in schools, district leaders should leverage the technology to drive engagement in STEAM, educators say.

How digital badges will help define the future of learning and PD

Badges and micro-credentials showcase students' strengths and mastery through reflection and self-assessment—and they're easier than ever to use.

How to build school community, one digital coin at a time

A music teacher explains how his school gets everyone involved by focusing on core values and rewarding positive behavior.

The top 20 list of apps schools are using most contains a few surprises

You may not know that most school districts own more than 2,000 apps but just 300 of those products account for 99% of use.

Coding can be pretty personal. You should teach it like an art form

A "personal art of coding" mindset is key for today's students because computer science can be just as creative as painting or writing music, says K-12 IT leader Pam Whitlock.

Where home internet access is still lagging after race to connect students

The urgency around getting students home internet access is ebbing as more families get connected—but bandwidth and geographic gaps remain.

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