Schools face pressure to take harder line on discipline

As kids’ behavior reaches crisis points after the stress of pandemic shutdowns, many schools are facing pressure from critics to rethink their approaches to discipline, including policies intended to reduce suspensions and expulsions.

National Merit award scandal is the latest chapter in TJ’s war on achievement

Administrators used “equity” as a justification for withholding information from students that may impact the trajectory of their academic futures.

Why the role of school superintendent is a family affair

It's a 24/7 job that eats into family time, cuts short vacations and requires a thick skin and plenty of grace. Just ask the wife of Superintendent David Hoffert.

K12 gender gap: Girls are less prepared than boys to start college, report shows

"Gender stereotypes play a strong role in both educational and career awareness and preparedness," states YouScience's Student Ability report. "Our analysis shows that biases still exist and need to be addressed in order to turn the corner on the exposure and skills gap challenges."

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