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Benefits of buying refurbished: Savings, selection, sustainability


Deciding between new or used computers? Here’s a rundown on the benefits of buying refurbished equipment:

- Savings. Costs are typically half to a third that of new equipment, so districts can afford to put more computers in the hands of students.

- Selection. Some refurbishing companies carry large inventories, so districts can pick computer models that match ones they already have. That makes service and support easier, and cuts down on software compatibility issues.

- Pay only for performance you need. It doesn’t make sense to drive an Indy car for a routine commute. The same principle applies to computers. Unless you need a system with heavy-duty graphics or multimedia capabilities, lower-end models will work fine for everyday needs.

- It’s easier on the environment. Americans threw out 157 million computer parts in 2007, most of which contain toxins that make recycling and cleanup a headache. Reusing computers gives landfills a break.