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For R.I. district, refurbished computers extend resources


West Warwick Public Schools started buying refurbished computers in 2006. Jim Monti is the district’s director of technology.

What are your district’s key technology goals?

We want to get a sufficient number of technology tools into the hands of students to allow them to construct their own knowledge in whatever subject they’re engaged in. We also want to help students and teachers at the middle and high schools participate in collaborative learning environments, so they need ubiquitous access to computing technology tools.

Why did you decide to purchase refurbished computers?


We recognized that our budget couldn’t sustain our technology needs. Also, we realized that we didn’t need the latest CPU processor to meet our goals. In fact we were confident we could purchase refurbished machines with increased RAM and meet the growing needs of our students, teachers and administrators.

How has your use of refurbished computers helped your district meet its goals?

Technology is an essential tool in helping us improve student achievement. Without CDI our students would be at a disadvantage in meeting our educational goals.

Did you have any concerns?

Our concerns were typical. Would we be able to get a multi-year replacement warranty? Would we be satisfied with the performance of the machines? Would the vendor stand by the product if there was a problem?

"Without CDI our students would be at a disadvantage in meeting our educational goals."

How did you select a vendor?

A colleague in a neighboring district recommended CDI. We decided to take a baby step and replace one lab, which we did at a fraction of the cost of a new lab. Students and teachers began using the lab immediately, and we received rave reviews and a lot of appreciation for the upgrade.

What have you purchased from CDI since then?

We have purchased and replaced 10 out of 12 computer labs, replaced classroom computers across the district, and purchased over 250 laptops.

So your concerns about refurbished computers were put to rest?

Yes. CDI has always provided whatever assistance our district needs in making a project successful. Whenever we’ve had an issue with a component they’ve been there to make it right. Plus, they’ve always been the lowest bidder and the company with the highest customer satisfaction ratings.