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Illinois district wins CDI’s “Share Your Story” contest

Vienna High School Principal Patrick Harner spun a sad tale about aging technology for CDI’s “Share Your Story” contest. But the story has a happy ending.

For his winning entry in the contest, Harner won a laptop and his southern Illinois school district will be outfitted with a complete tech lab from CDI, North America’s leading computer re-furbisher. The award includes 30 refurbished Dell desktops and monitors, cables and accessories, and an interactive whiteboard.

The equipment, valued at more than $10,000, is sorely needed. Harner said the district’s in-house IT staffer has been forced to cannibalize outdated machines to keep other computers running.

“When technology grants were abundant, our district did well in building a nice computer lab for our students,” Harner wrote. “However, as the years have gone by, our technology system has gotten older and older and now is falling way behind many of the applications that canbe run on our computers.”

Like many of its peers, Vienna High School District has been hamstrung by scarce resources, even as technology demands increase. Oour students need new computers to compete with other students in this technology age,” Harner wrote. Your wish is granted, principal.