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Going refurbished can keep your operating systems consistent for years


You can have the best computer in the world, but if the operating system is buggy it's like having a race car up on blocks.

Making sure that software is properly set up—with the right licensing—is one of the top concerns of school technology coordinators. And that's why buying from a large refurbisher such as CDI, North America's leading supplier of secondhand computer equipment for the education market, can eliminate a lot of headaches.

Even with brand-new equipment, configuring computers for school use can be daunting. Most school districts need security and web filtering programs, plus any specific educational software that supports the curriculum. Loading those unit-by-unit can be a time-consuming and unproductive chore for school tech workers.

At CDI, refurbished computers go through a rigorous inspection process that includes electronic wiping of the hard drive. Then up-to-date versions of Windows XP are loaded. Because CDI is part of the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program, any desktop or laptop shipped by the company comes with a valid Windows license—so school administrators never have to worry about being flagged for counterfeit or illegal software.


Once a district places an order with CDI, the company sends a single computer that tech coordinators load with all the desired so ware and settings right down to the proper drivers for hardware components. CDI picks up that hard drive, which then becomes the template for the rest of the order. Once pre-configured computers are shipped, they can be up and running right out of the box.

CDI keeps the template of each district's custom image on file, so it can quickly send replacement units in the unlikely event a computer fails.

Secondhand computers can represent a signficant source of savings for schools, with performance standards that in some cases can match new equipment. But districts also have to shop smartly and weigh hidden costs, from potential liabilities for unlicensed software to the time and expense of configuring software in-house. Certified resellers can eliminate a lot of those concerns.

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