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CDI Parts Depot offers school districts an on-site 'tech first-aid kit'


CDI HAS ALWAYS SHIPPED FREE REPLACEMENT PARTS for its recertified computers, no questions asked. But for some clients, waiting for even overnight delivery of a critical component means too much downtime.

As North America's leading dealer of recertified computers for the education market, CDI gets high marks for customer service. Yet a 2008 survey by the company revealed that some districts wanted a speedier solution for replacing defective parts.

CDI's response: Turn a weakness into a strength. The company now offers a free Parts Depot for customers who order 30 or more computers. What does that mean? If a district requests, CDI will put together an assortment of replacement parts for items most likely to fail. That way school district technicians can diagnose and fix a problem with parts they have on hand—with no waiting and no fuss. Think of the Parts Depot as a tech first-aid kit, one that CDI continuously restocks after repairs are made.

If a school prefers to return a unit for warranty service, CDI will still repair the unit and ship it back for free. The Parts Depot is not a replacement for the standard CDI warranty, just an extra free service.

How has it been received by schools so far? in a follow-up survey last year, CDI's replacement parts policy was perceived as a selling point.

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