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'Our customers are buying peace of mind'


Sanija Hodzic has been employed by CDI for 11 years, the last two as customer service manager. He has reason to be proud of his work: A company survey last year found that 93 percent of CDI's customers would recommend the computer refurbisher to a family member or friend.

"We are quite proud of those numbers," said Hodzic, but added that his department still looks to improve. "Every year we put in place two to three suggestions."


Hodzic knows the company inside out. He started on the production line, then moved into inventory control before being named to his current position. One secret of his success is staying in contact with people throughout CDI's operations, from the warehouse manager to the person in charge of logistics. Having a firm grasp of customers' needs also helps -- CDI's customer service hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., slightly longer than the typical school day so harried district tech administrators have enough time to get assistance.

While CDI's customer service gets high marks, Hodzic wants to shorten his unit's average response time. Email queries currently get answered the same day, but Hodzic wants that cut to two hours. In-house repair times now average three business days, and he'd like it to be the same day.

One of CDI's strongest selling points is its equipment warranties, and Hodzic's crew knows they are key players in living up to those pledges if something goes wrong.

"Our customers are buying peace of mind," he said. "Schools know they can rely on what we sell. We stand behind our products."

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