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Special deals available for districts' special-needs solutions


Finding technology solutions for special-needs children can be expensive. So CDI has teamed up with The Tool Factory to offer recertified computers with preloaded, specially designed software for early learning, special education or autistic students.


Each bundle comes with a certified, warranty-backed computer from CDI and a half-dozen or more appropriate software titles from The Tool Factory. Prices are low for a single bundle — $649 or less, depending on the type needed.

But the savings really add up when districts buy in bulk, since the cost to license an entire school is roughly equal to the cost of buying six bundles. For a few thousand dollars, a school can have a comprehensive special-needs technology program up and running.

Districts can offset part of the costs of the program with an array of federal funding sources, from special education allocations under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to money for Title I or early childhood education initiatives under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

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