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Illinois district gets first-rate results from recertified secondhand gear

Marshall Community Schools more than doubles its computer count with recertified machines from CDI

Darin Hostetter is the technology coordinator for Marshall Community Schools in Marshall, Ill.


<b>What are your technology goals for the district?</b> To provide adequate computer access for all of our students.

<b>Why did you decide to purchase recertified computers?</b> The biggest reason was bang for the buck. We were getting computers a year or two old, but very similar to what we were getting new. Prior to working with CDI, the cost was more than twice what we're paying now and the difference between computers was minimal. With CDI's warranty, there was really no difference between buying new and buying secondhand equipment.

<b>Why did you choose CDI over other vendors?</b> The biggest reason was the recommendation of colleagues who had dealt with CDI. We originally ordered about 20 laptops. We had one or two machines that had battery issues, but they replaced those within a day or two.

<b>What concerns did you have about recertified computers, and have they been put to rest?</b> I wondered whether they were going to come in good shape or whether they'd have been used harshly. There were very minor scratches on some, a little bit of wear, as expected. Some even looked like they were straight out of the box and hadn't been used by the previous company.

<b>What have you purchased from CDI?</b> We qualfied for a federal grant under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, so we ended up buying 480 laptops and carts. We went with them because we knew the product was sound and the price was right.

<b>How has the use of recertified computers helped your district meet its goals?</b> We've pretty much been able to get double to two-and-a-half times the amount of machines that we would have gotten otherwise. I know we do have a lot of happier teachers that are more motivated to use technology. And we have a lot of happier students.

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