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CentralReach Debuts ‘CentralReach PK-12’ to Unlock the Power of Data in Special Ed Instruction

Experienced ABA/clinician software provider releases solution for schools during CASE Annual Conference

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. (Nov. 1, 2017) – After success in the clinician and applied behavior analysis (ABA) markets, CentralReach launches CentralReach PK-12, a collaborative and data-driven software for special education. The software helps public, private and charter schools foster communication and coordination of instruction and care for students in special education programs.

CentralReach PK-12 empowers individualized educational program (IEP) teams to seamlessly record data and access information about students in real-time, creating data-driven insights to inform instruction. The software gives educators new tools, so they can more easily comply with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and create reports and customizable graphs to visualize student progress and guide discussions with parents.

Educators also have access to a Marketplace of professional development resources and the capability to assign courses to colleagues and track their progress.

“After seeing the impact that our software had on users in the ABA and clinician markets, we know there’s tremendous potential for the technology to support IEP teams and students,” said Charlotte Fudge, CEO of CentralReach. “We recognize that teachers, school psychologists, paraprofessionals, administrators, therapists and parents can best support students when they’re working together and making evidence-backed decisions about IEPs.”

To learn more about CentralReach PK-12, visit booth #27 at CASE or

About CentralReach PK-12

CentralReach PK-12 is collaborative and data-driven software for special education that fosters communication and coordination of instruction and care for students. Used by public, private and charter schools nationwide, the software unlocks data-driven insights to accelerate student progress. CentralReach PK-12 facilitates collaboration and coordination of care among IEP teams, providing 360-degree support for students. Led by a team of educators and clinicians, CentralReach PK-12 also provides robust implementation support and equips educators with professional development resources. To learn more, visit or follow @CentralReach.



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