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Chalk Schools rebrands to launch Informed K12 at ASBO International’s Annual Meeting & Expo in Denver

Leading workflow automation solution for K-12 school districts enables school district administrators to operate efficiently and gain insight into critical school district processes

Denver, CO, September 22,  2017 -- Chalk Schools, a leading workflow automation solution for K-12 school districts, today announced the launch of its new brand Informed K12 at the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO)  International’s Annual Meeting & Expo in Denver, CO.

“In 2012, we started this company to help school districts modernize their paperwork processes. We began by digitizing parent-teacher forms, and later expanded to internal processes and approvals for school administration,” said Sarah Chou, CEO and Co-Founder of Informed K12 (formerly Chalk Schools).  “We wanted a new name that reflects our long-term vision and mission for supporting school district administrators.”

Informed K12 offers an easy-to-use workflow automation solution that helps school district administrators - including business services and human resources professionals - to digitize routine forms and paperwork, automate complex workflow processes, and track approvals across school sites and departments.

More than 5,000 school district administrators nationwide have used Informed K12 to help improve back-office productivity, accountability and equity within their school districts.

“Over the years, we've learned about the incredible range of services your departments provide. From hiring teachers to running buses and managing budgets to ensuring students have the supplies and resources they need, your back-office services often go unacknowledged, but are critical to serving your students,” said Chou. “Our technology helps you unlock the potential of your paper-based forms so you can get work done faster and focus on the things that matter most to your district.”

Founded in 2012 by Sarah Chou and Qian Wang out of the Stanford Graduate School of Education’s Learning, Design and Technology Program, the company was accepted to the Imagine K12 edtech accelerator (now part of Y Combinator) in the Summer of 2012 as one of the program’s first cohorts. Chou worked previously for the Providence Public Schools district office where she first identified the need to improve back-office efficiency for school administrators.

Today, Informed K12 serves nearly 150 public school districts and charter school organizations across the country, including Tacoma Public Schools, Oakland Unified School District and Summit Public Schools.

About Informed K12

Informed K12 helps school district administrators operate efficiently and gain insight into their most critical processes. Our easy-to-use workflow automation solution built exclusively for K-12 school districts enables school district administrators to increase productivity, reduce time spent on routine paperwork, and track resources across their entire district. Learn more at

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