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Collabco Pilot Program Helps Colleges and Universities Offer a Digital Campus with the myday Student Engagement App

Program provides win/win with deep discounts on the app and training and ability to provide feedback on desired features

Liverpool, England –  Jan. 11, 2017 – Student engagement is a key factor in retaining college students and offering cloud-based, responsive tools for students to manage and engage in their day is critical to offering the digital campus life today’s students desire. Collabco, an education development software company, helps colleges and universities with this critical task by providing myday, a personalized student dashboard that works on any device and helps build student engagement by keeping students connected to their schools.

After successfully launching in the United Kingdom, Collabco is now offering the myday app to schools, colleges and universities within the United States. It is seeking partnerships with three to five forward-thinking higher education institutions for a 2017 pilot program to set up best practices in implementation and to get feedback on desired features for myday. Collabco is looking for a variety of Institution sizes. The company is accepting institutions in the pilot program through May 31, 2017. Interested colleges and universities can email for more information.

“We are looking forward to working with some future-thinking Universities and Colleges to help improvement student engagement and satisfaction levels while setting up best practices for implementation of myday,” said Collabco CEO Mark Francis. “Institutions who want to advance a digital campus environment while not being held back by the limitations of non-custom software are exactly the kind of organizations we want to talk to.”

The pilot is a year-long program where colleges and universities will provide students with a digital campus through the myday app at a very competitive rate. The pilot includes:

  • The first three months free for student and staff pilot participants. After the first 90 days of the pilot, normal subscription fees would apply should the school wish to renew
  • A 75% discount on user training and on-boarding
  • Access to developer training at preferential rates during the first 90 days
  • Free customized branding of the institutional mobile app for one year which is a $5,000 per year savings

“Based on a school of 20,000 students and 2,000 staff this offer equates to a 75% saving on the normal costs. A great way to introduce and test-drive your digital campus with minimum risk and cost” said Francis.

The institution would be expected to work closely with Collabco in partnership to give feedback on the roadmap for future product development and would participate in case studies and white papers to drive success for both parties.

myday is a personalized student dashboard that is customizable for schools and universities to keep students involved and organized. The intuitive platform incorporates data from a school’s LMS system, Microsoft Office 365 and student information system, delivering the information via push notification to help make the student’s experience a positive one. Most other systems such as laundry scheduling, bus routes and low balances can also be incorporated.

myday is available in a browser to support desktop and laptop computers, as well as via a mobile app. Students only need to sign in once to access everything within myday, including email, social media, news feeds and academic sites. Students can customize their portal to include the information the Institution displays to the end user in the most useful way to them.

About Collabco

Collabco is the creator of myday, a student dashboard used by many leading educational establishments in the UK to drive student engagement, participation and retention. Collabco delivers solutions to institutions of varying sizes and complexity. Collabco supports learning within a cloud-based “digital campus” environment. myday enables universities, colleges and schools to aggregate the information students need on a daily basis and presents it in a highly-intuitive and modern interface. For more information, visit