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Gryphon House, Inc. Releases New Family Resource Book Parents Ask, Experts Answer: Nurturing Happy, Healthy Children

Author Tina Nocera is joined by 35 child-development experts to provide parents numerous solutions to common issues affecting young children

Lewisville, North Carolina – June 10, 2014 – Gryphon House, Inc., a leading publisher of early childhood resources, is bringing its early childhood expertise to parents with the new book Parents Ask, Experts Answer: Nurturing Happy, Healthy Children. The book is written by Tina Nocera, founder of Parental Wisdom®. In Parents Ask, Experts Answer, Nocera brings together a panel of 35 child-development experts to offer advice on some of the most challenging issues faced by parents, including: discipline, peer pressure, bullying, friendship, and special needs, to name a few.

The book is ideal for parents of children ages two through six and presents multiple solutions to challenges that young children and their families often face. Since no two children are the same, the various strategies can help parents select a realistic solution that is best for their family.

Offered in an easy-to-follow format, the book's eight chapters provide answers to more than 80 questions on some of the most popular parenting topics. Thematic chapters include:

  • Daily Dilemmas: Eating, Sleeping, and Potty Problems
  • Whining, Complaining, and Blaming
  • Friend Issues, Bullying, and Peer Pressure
  •  Anger, Tantrums, and Tears
  • Sibling Rivalry, Family Issues, and Life Changes
  • Discipline, Manners, and Setting Boundaries
  • Caregiving, Education, and Activities
  • Other Parents, Video Games, and More

“Parenting has never been and never will be a one-size fits all approach,” said Nocera. “The passion behind this book’s conception is to provide parents with an array of solutions when facing common issues, so they can choose what’s best because, in the end, parents are the experts on their children.”

Parents Ask, Experts Answer: Nurturing Happy, Healthy Children (ISBN: 978-0-87659-022-5, 240 pages, $19.95) will be available to purchase in September 2014. Parents may preorder books today here. For writers interested in e-galley copies, please email

About the Author

Tina Nocera founded Parental Wisdom® in 1999 after struggling to find answers to her own parenting questions. The patented Parental Wisdom method lets parents ask questions and receive multiple answers from trusted advisors. Tina has Bachelor of Arts and Master of Business Administration degrees from Chadwick University. She serves as the director of global ecommerce, strategy, and business development for Toys “R” Us.

About Gryphon House, Inc.

Gryphon House is an award-winning publisher of resource books for parents and teachers of children from birth through age eight. Developmentally appropriate and easy-to-use, Gryphon House books provide parents and teachers with the tools they need to bring the joy of learning to young children. To learn more, or to check out the entire collection, visit

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