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LearnZillion Champions Top Teachers’ Common Core Expertise in Premium Offering

Created by educators directly from new standards, LearnZillion Premium helps teachers implement Common Core with confidence

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 30, 2014) – LearnZillion, a digital curriculum and professional learning platform that currently supports over 415,000 teachers transitioning to the Common Core, introduces LearnZillion Premium: an effective and affordable alternative to traditional curriculum and professional development. LearnZillion Premium helps schools and districts provide vital support for teachers who need to both understand the new standards and prepare students for next-generation assessments.

LearnZillion Premium provides math teachers in grades 2-12 with complete curricular resources, including task-based lesson plans, practice problems, exit tickets and differentiation support. English language arts (ELA), social studies and science teachers in grades 2-12 will be able to use both a modular close reading/writing program that addresses one of the more difficult shifts called for by the Common Core State Standards, and WriteAlong, a video-based writing intervention program.

By reflecting the deep content knowledge and varied pedagogical experiences of LearnZillion’s Dream Team of top teachers, LearnZillion Premium enables every educator – from first-year novices to thirty-year veterans – to benefit from thoughtfully structured lessons, engaging visuals, and clear, conceptual explanations of the new standards.

“I work with teachers who are just trying to figure out one element in a standard, and trying to get a visual representation of it – what does it look like, sound like, feel like,” said Lorenzo Robinson, a math instructional coach from Fulton County, Georgia, and member of the 2014 Dream Team. “To be able to create something that gives them a jump start on what they want to do – not to take away their thinking and creativity – but to provide a sense for what's possible – that's powerful.”

In addition to content built by educators directly from the Common Core State Standards, LearnZillion Premium offers a job-embedded professional learning platform that principals and other instructional leaders can use to enhance the efficacy of professional learning communities (PLCs).

“We want to save teachers time and provide models for great instruction,” said Eric Westendorf, LearnZillion CEO and former teacher and principal. “We’re excited about helping districts to free up teachers with high-quality lesson plans so that teachers can focus on delivering powerful learning experiences for all students.”

LearnZillion Premium is now available for purchase by schools and districts, and is designed for use on any web-connected device. The offering features a digital display mode that can save on printing and copying costs, but is also compatible with paper-based classrooms. To learn more about how LearnZillion Premium can support schools and districts, contact

About LearnZillion

LearnZillion champions teachers and provides schools and districts with an effective bridge to the Common Core. LearnZillion Premium’s math curricular resources and close reading/writing program are built by a Dream Team of top educators directly from the standards to unlock the instructional potential of teachers and prepare every student for the rigorous new assessments. A flexible learning platform allows schools and districts to develop teacher leaders as they customize a high-quality curriculum for every building. Over 415,000 teachers now use the LearnZillion platform. Customers include District of Columbia Public Schools, Syracuse City Public Schools, the Delaware Department of Education, the Connecticut State Department of Education and various school consortia throughout the United States. Founded in 2011 by two former teachers, LearnZillion is on Fast Company's World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Education. Connect online at @LearnZillion and

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