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Los Angeles Youth Shelter Addresses Digital Access with Implementation of LocknCharge FUYL Tower

LocknCharge FUYL Tower Oprah uses charging tower in dramatic remodel of Covenant House California

MADISON, Wis. (Nov. 21, 2017) – While internet connection and mobile devices are pervasive in today’s society, technology access is not universal. To narrow the digital divide among Americans, organizations across the nation are now building technology centers that provide increased access to low-income individuals. Among these organizations is the Covenant House California in Los Angeles. For homeless and struggling youth, the Covenant House has long been a place where they could seek shelter, food, clothing, education and support. In a recent makeover by Oprah, the Covenant House installed LocknCharge’s FUYL Tower to ensure that mobile devices are readily available to advance their education and career paths.

Covenant House California is a non-profit youth homeless shelter that helps over 1,800 homeless and trafficked youth a year between the ages of 18-24. In 2004, Oprah hosted Alex Molina, then a youth member from the Covenant House, on her show and provided her with a college scholarship. Now, Molina is a case manager at the agency and Oprah recently conducted a complete renovation of the center.

“Increasing access for struggling youth is more than just the devices. Covenant House California recognized the importance of providing the appropriate space and tools for youth to leverage technology,” said James Symons, CEO for LocknCharge. “We are grateful to play a small part in the tremendous work that Covenant House California does to level the playing field for young people of all backgrounds.”

The FUYL Tower will be located in the front room of the Covenant House California and will be able to store and charge up to 15 mobile devices.

“In schools and at places such as the Covenant House, young learners are facing a disparity in digital equity. We will continue working with schools and organizations to ensure that all students have access to the technology they need to succeed,” said Steve Ledbetter, president of North America and Europe for LocknCharge.

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