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MagicBox Helping K-12 Publishers go Digital in a Smart Way

MagicBox Helping K-12 Publishers go Digital in a Smart Way

New Jersey June 6, 2014 - According to an MDR- K-12 report, 60% of curriculum directors in US school districts are expected to replace their print instructional materials with digital material in the next three years. Unlike print publishing, digital publishing entails many more challenges that include: digital content creation, e-commerce, digital rights management (DRM), analytics, etc., and many publishers are not sure how to proceed with this challenge. MagicBox seeks to ease this transition by offering K-12 publishers a cost-effective, mobile distribution solution which allows them to securely create, sell, and distribute interactive, digital content across multiple platforms – both on and offline.

The demand for technology and smart devices in the classroom has been on a significant rise in recent years. Today, 50% of middle and high school students in the United States either own or have access to a smartphone or tablet, a 400% increase since 2007. Additionally, the number of students using digital books has risen by 5% in just one year. 

“Publishers are finding it difficult to cope with the demand​ of bringing their content to all devices,” says Abhinav Chugh, Head of Product Marketing and Business Development for MagicBox. “MagicBox empowers all types of publishers to create media-rich and digital content and get it mobile.”

MagicBox lets teachers capitalize on the number of smartphones and tablets in the classroom to deliver ebooks, assignments, online assessments, feedback and other notifications to students. Since most schools have a controlled digital infrastructure with very restricted or no internet in the classrooms, MagicBox is equipped with the ability to deliver digital books offline, thus allowing students to access content on any device, even without an internet connection. Additionally, the program offers a fully administered social platform where students can share posts, blogs and opinion polls that enhance interactivity and learning.

“The greatest benefit of digital learning in schools is that it allows for deeper personalized learning for students. Our technology allows teachers to easily track, analyze and grade the performance of their students as well as assess problem-areas and offer customized solutions. ​MagicBox also offers publishers a great platform to receive real time analytics from students,” says Chugh, “The MagicBox team is proud to be a part of the digital revolution that is changing the way the world learns, by creating smart, innovative digital solutions that revolutionize the education sector and empower publishers, schools and teachers.”

About MagicBox

MagicBox was launched at the 2013 EdNet Insight Conference. MagicBox, a cloud based digital publishing and mobile distribution solution for publishers. MagicBox delivers interactive, media-rich content to over 1 million students worldwide on their PCs and tablets.

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