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Web-based data system helps schools identify students -- at any age -- with multiple risk factors for dropping out, so they can take action early and analyze the impact of their actions

DULUTH, GA. — July 11, 2014 The latest National Center for Education Statistics data show that the U.S. high school graduation rate has hit an all-time high of 80 percent. Yet, for the 3 million students who exit high school annually without graduating, school and district leaders face two key questions: “How could we have foreseen this?” and “How could we have prevented it from happening?” Last month at the ISTE Conference and Expo in Atlanta, MindShine Technologies debuted a new web-based data system that helps K-12 districts quickly and easily identify students with multiple risk factors for dropping out, so they can take action early.

At ISTE, attendees had the opportunity to see how the new Student Risk Assessment System can help districts proactively identify and help students — at any age — who might otherwise struggle with their educational experience.  

“While school districts track countless pieces of data that could indicate potential risk factors, few have the tools to use that data to actually prevent students from dropping out of school,” said Bob Darby, vice president of client services for MindShine Technologies. “Unlike systems that analyze only one or two risk factors, such as high stakes test scores or number of absences, the Student Risk Assessment System evaluates the whole student to determine if he or she is likely to leave school. With this information, educators can make informed decisions about how to help each individual reach graduation.”

Using the Student Risk Assessment System in conjunction with their existing student information system, districts can easily collect data to create a Risk Factor Index for each student. Educators can run this index at any time to determine the “risk” or probability that a student will drop out, and to determine if their actions are making a difference. By identifying which actions effectively address specific risk factors, districts can share best practices and target their resources to programs and strategies that have been proven to work.

About MindShine Technologies

MindShine Technologies is the developer of the Student Risk Assessment System, a web-based data system that helps K-12 districts identify students with multiple risk factors for dropping out, so they can take action early. In addition, MindShine is a provider of software development services to K-12 school districts and educational software companies. The company has worked with hundreds of large and small districts across the United States and Canada to create technology solutions tailored to their unique requirements, budgets and time frames. For more information, visit or call (866) 385-7638.


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