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North College Hill City Schools is Making Schools Safer and Reducing Risk with PublicSchoolWORKS StudentWatch Suite

The reporting and management tools are helping to streamline the district’s protocols for student behavior, bullying, violence and accidents

Cincinnati, OH (April 19, 2017) — How a district responds to student safety concerns can have great influence on the learning environment, the community’s trust in the district and the district’s insurance premiums and budget. To ensure it is prepared to act swiftly and effectively if bullying, threats of violence or harmful accidents occur, North College Hill City Schools has implemented the award-winning StudentWatch Suite from PublicSchoolWORKS. The system makes the reporting, investigation and resolution of these incidents easier for administrators to manage, thus making school sites safer and reducing risk for the district.

North College Hill City Schools was already using PublicSchoolWORKS’ online staff safety training to make sure all employees learned safety skills and the district was compliant with training mandates, but this is the first year the district is using StudentWatch.

“Administrators knew the value of moving processes online,” said Eugene Blalock Jr., Superintendent of North College Hill City Schools. “That’s why I was surprised to find they were still handwriting behavior reports, as well as bullying and accident reports. At my previous district, I saw the positive impact of using StudentWatch for electronic reporting and tracking, so I knew we had to implement it here.”

StudentWatch’s Student Behavior Management System has streamlined the reporting and management of student behaviors. When a teacher submits a referral for a major infraction or a documentation report for a minor infraction, the system automatically emails a building level administrator to investigate. Once the administrator meets with the student and, if necessary, assigns a consequence for their behavior, the administrator can communicate resolution with the teacher who filed the report so everyone remains updated. The system also has a positive behavior report teacher use to praise students for exceeding expectations.

“When I log into the Student Behavior Management System, I see all the reports teachers and administrators have submitted, which allows me to track what’s going on in each of our buildings and get a lay of the land,” said Blalock. “I can look for trends in types of misconduct, as well as see if there are certain classrooms or grade levels in which infractions keep occurring. It’s already helped guide discussions about how we can better support students, and it’s going to help plan upcoming professional development, as well.”

StudentWatch’s Student Bullying and Student Safety Reporting Systems allow students and parents to report instances of bullying and other safety concerns online or by telephone.  Once a report is submitted, building administrators are immediately contacted to review the report and begin an investigation.  Students also have access to national crisis hotlines to provide support as appropriate.

“If students or parents contact us about bullying or any student safety concern, we immediately direct them to report it via the appropriate system because if it’s not in the system, I can’t ensure it is being investigated,” said Blalock. “We’ve had parents and students report bullying and rumors of a fight and because both were reported in the system, our administration was able to intervene.”

StudentWatch is also equipped with the Student Accident Management System to use in the event of a student, visitor or contractor accident. Teachers or administrators complete an online accident report including details of the accident, witness statements, other supporting information, and if any first aid was administered. As reports are submitted, the system immediately notifies key administrators to conduct follow-up activities such as contacting the student’s family, if appropriate. Administration can then analyze reports for trends or problem areas and use this information to implement preventative action.

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