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Dear Educator,

Like districts across the country, Hamilton County School District in northern Florida has moved rapidly to apply twenty-first century technology to teaching and learning. But until three years ago, and despite the growing use of classroom technology in the rural district, one key instructional function—the writing of lesson plans—was still being done the old fashioned way: with pen and paper.


The Matanuska-Susitna Borough (Alaska) School District is located just north of Anchorage and covers approximately 25,000 square miles. It includes 43 schools, with close to 16,500 students.

It’s getting to be that you need a scorecard to identify district administrators by their titles. To keep up with changing needs, many districts are creating new management positions or adding new responsibilities to old ones and then coming up with titles that sometimes only hint at what they are about.

Salary Survey Chart

A chemist at local business Speedball Art Products helps students at Statesville High School with a printmaking process.

California isn’t the only state concerned about its eligibility for Race to the Top funding. Several states have lifted or even eliminated caps on charter schools after learning that the DOE would look with disfavor on states that had them, and as in California, officials in Wisconsin, New York and Nevada are considering what to do with their own state laws prohibiting the use of test data to evaluate teachers. Arne Duncan has referred to these laws as “a firewall between students and teacher data.”