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As the operations manager for the company, she oversees the delivery of units to customers—and sometimes a lot more.

After administrators at the Liberty Union High School District in Brentwood, Calif., created a test prep class to help at-risk students meet state proficiency requirements, they found themselves constantly reinventing the wheel.

Twitter. Twitter?

We know. Your first reaction is to stop reading because you think, "Another crazy who sings the praises of a silly cell phone service that enables you to tell the world what you had for breakfast in 140 characters or less. Who cares what you had for breakfast? And how can you say anything interesting in 140 characters, let alone less?"

Resist that impulse. Read on, please.

Sometimes boards serve in an appeal role for decisions made at other levels. The rules for appeals often focus on whether the lower board followed protocols, rather than whether it ruled correctly. How does an administrator exert appropriate leadership if board members seem inclined to rule on the correctness of the decision, with which they disagree, rather than the protocols followed?

William J. Cirone, Superintendent of Schools Santa Barbara County (Calif.), Office of Education

Dear William,

Stereotypes are harmful. However, a new study from researchers at Indiana University, entitled "Stereotype Threat Prevents Perceptual Learning," is taking this simple message to the next level: Negative stereotypes hinder learning in the present and could make it impossible in the future.

Dear Educator:

I am pleased to introduce the 2010-2011 Disney's Planet Challenge. We had an incredible response last year—from educators and students alike—as we rolled out the program nationally for the first time.

For students who live along the Gulf of Mexico, the environmental damage from the oil spill is anything but abstract. It's something that has lapped onto local beaches and leached into fragile estuaries.


Julie Schnedler's 6th Grade Class, Mediapolis CSD, Mediapolis, IA


Pamela Wetherington's 4th Grade Class, New Mountain Hill Elementary, Fortson, GA