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The online school and job-training model has come a long way since it was first introduced more than a decade ago in Maryland. Liz Glowa, Director of Maryland Virtual Learning Opportunities Program (MVLO), has seen a dramatic improvement through a unique formula.


What do YOU Mean by Learning by Seymour Sarason (Heinemann)

Students Help Capture Vets' Stories

10 Ways to Recognize a Learning Organization

by James Ellsberry, CEO, The Dewitt Institute for Professional Development

The absence of certain characteristics may point the way to professional development needs in a district. You know you're in the presence of a learning organization if:

Lifelong learning. I decided to try it. So, I packed up the car and drove to Palo Alto to participate in the annual Stanford Jazz Residency. This immersive institute welcomes adults and talented teens to spend a week playing, studying and listening to jazz.

Perhaps it's time to end political social promotion

Districts should teach their students digital smarts

You need a driver's license to drive. You need a pilot's license to fl y. Why don't you need a license to navigate digital technology? Consider the following scenarios:

1. A cell phone rings in class.