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Picture Books Worth A Thousand Words

The Sound of America

The hills (and valleys and highways and byways) are alive with the sounds of music and more. But the National Geographic Society is betting that students can learn to listen for those distinctive noises that define a community, with or without an Austrian governess around.

Hackers pepper the landscape of American schools. It's a fact of life. Five years ago, a small group of high school students in Urbana, Ill., were charged with credit card fraud. They used home computers, school computers and sniffer software to procure credit card numbers and then purchase goods online.

There are powerful factors at work encouraging school administrators, teachers and students to improve writing and district/school proficiency levels on statewide assessments, not least of which is meeting federal mandates for improvement within the No Child Left Behind Act.

Raise test Scores - win a prize

Teens Think Math is Tops

It's fun." "It's easy." "I understand it." These simple reasons are some of the most common given by students of a recent poll who named math as their favorite subject. For some, a single teacher's efforts to make math interesting vaulted math to the top of their list. Nearly one-quarter of the 785 teens surveyed like math the most, about the same percentage as in a 2003 survey.

Piloting a Paperless Curriculum