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Instead of spending hours writing up student report cards, a FileMaker Pro computer document is making life a lot easier for teachers in the Greenwich (Conn.) School District school. Bill Ronk, fourth-grade teacher and technology fan at Riverside Elementary School, created a FileMaker Pro document a few years ago so the K-5 teachers in his school could throw out the three-page "carbon-copy report card" and use an easier computer version.

I was unaware that one could leave skid marks while in reverse, but that is the only way to describe the Bush administration's retreat on aspects of No Child Left Behind. It's apparently difficult to seek reelection when the majority of children are in "failing" schools.

Math Education Time Capsule:

Q&A with Jeremy Kilpatrick

Q:Why will educators want to read A History of School Mathematics?


If the best schools are those that lead a district by example, as opposed to showcases where programs and policies are admired but not emulated, the Clark Magnet Science and Technology High School in the Glendale Unified School District (CA) ranks among the finest.



Want a quick way to get to your desktop? Press and hold the Windows key (to the left of your spacebar) and then press the letter D. Your open programs and documents are automatically minimized and your desktop magically appears. ("Solitaire? No, I wasn't playing solitaire. I was just sitting here looking at my pretty desktop.") To maximize all of those recently minimized programs and documents [after your principal/students/children/ spouse leaves the room], just press the Windows key, the shift key, and the letter M at the same time.

Although images of the 1999 Columbine massacre are still fresh in our minds, we appear to have turned the corner in the struggle to control school violence.