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Lights, Camera, Algebra Action

It's the next generation of math homework helplines. And students in and around Houston Independent School District are tuning in.

Beware the Writing Assessment: Q&A with George Hillocks Jr.

Q: Why is "teaching to the test" especially harmful in writing instruction?

Everyday, teachers are confronted with many challenges, from prodding stubborn learners to subduing undisciplined students. But one of the most important parts of every teacher's equilibrium can go unchecked day after day.


The good news is that my daughter's teachers are at last beginning to use computers. The bad news is they are using them to make PowerPoint presentations. Frightening images of my high school algebra teacher with the indelible blue arm from the ceaseless writing and erasing at the overhead projector flashed through my mind during my recent trip to Back-to-School Night.

Did you know that music can help you create a powerful link between your school and community, while improving your students’ overall performance?

As 2003 draws to a close, I am pleased to look back on a year of great accomplishments made even more special as we celebrated PLATO Learning’s 40th anniversary. Each day we deliver on the promise of our Company mission ? to ensure the success of all learners throughout their lifetimes.

Title I is the largest federal elementary and secondary education program. For 38 years it has poured more than $200 billion into K-12 school districts nationwide. And yet, there's no statistical evidence in the last 15 years that the program, and the money spent on it, has accomplished its goal.