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Christmas came early to the Stager house when a pre-publication copy of Frank Smith's latest book arrived this summer. I have long admired Smith for his intellect and remarkable ability to make complex ideas accessible.

High school instructor Javier Rabelo uses several computer literature books as a secondary resource to help teach computer graphics tips to his students in HyperMedia I and HyperMedia II classes.

Avoiding Special Ed Referral Leaps

When there's a complex problem to tackle, it usually helps to break it into manageable pieces. Looking at the overrepresentation of minority children in U.S. special education programs, the International Reading Association found an area in which it can help. Its latest position statement makes recommendations for addressing the problem by, you guessed it, examining reading instruction.

While on a recent flight across the South Pacific, I pondered the challenges facing American education. Somewhere high above Guam, it hit me. What we really need is a witty leadership book replete with checklists, platitudes, alliterations and loveable characters we can all relate to. Schools are in trouble, and the job is too big for mice, fish or even Dr. Phil.

Westward, Ho! The Lewis & Clark Bicentennial in Class

The recent Supreme Court decision in the American Library Association case challenging the Children's Internet Protection Act has significant implications related to how filtering software is implemented in schools.