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The New Literacies: Q&A with Donald J. Leu Jr.

Q: What are some of the new literacies brought on by technology?

In 1968, computer scientist Alan Kay visited Seymour Papert at MIT. Papert, a prot?g? of Jean Piaget and himself a mathematician and artificial intelligence pioneer, was combining his interests by designing computing environments in which children could learn. Kay was so impressed by how children in Papert's Logo Lab were learning meaningful mathematics that he sketched the Dynabook, a dream of portable computers yet to be fully realized, on the flight home to Xerox PARC.

Accurately, Mr. Stager identified increased ISTE membership among school leaders as key to the society better serving education. Fortunately, our most rapid membership growth is among school administrators who have established a new ISTE special interest group, SIGAdmin.

It's a familiar story, but one worth repeating. A young girl was walking along the beach early one morning. The tide was receding, leaving numerous starfish stranded on the beach. The girl began picking them up and tossing them back into the water.