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At Madison Elementary School in Santa Ana, Calif., almost all of the 870 students are English language learners. Historically, students were performing significantly below grade-level on standardized tests, especially in math.

Tracking student progress toward state-mandated assessments and outcomes was a challenge for the Park Hill School District just outside of Kansas City, MO.

Female elementary school teachers may project a fear of math onto their female students, causing them to do poorly in the subject, according to a new study, “Female Teachers’ Math Anxiety Impacts Girls’ Math Achievement,” published by the University of Chicago on January 25, 2010. With over 90 percent of elementary school teachers being female, this finding has brought attention to gender roles within elementary education and could have administrators seeking additional professional development for teachers anxious about math.

Revenue shortfalls are facts of life for school districts, and in many districts budget cuts are even threatening an area as fundamental to teaching as textbooks. Increasingly, K-12 administrators are turning to pre-owned textbooks to save money and maintain educational standards.

If your district has unused and used textbooks stuffed in a closet somewhere, you may have an untapped revenue source.

Dear Readers: In these times of soaring enrollment and budget cuts, pressures are all around you to find areas for savings.

The Wentzville R-IV School District in Saint Charles County is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation and the fastest growing area in Missouri.

With 18,000 students in 25 schools, and with data spread across 25 separate databases, the Kyrene School District in Tempe, AZ, had a data management nightmare.

District administrators knew they needed a better system for managing student information.

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The Glen Cove (N.Y.) School District is composed of six schools serving some 2,900 students. The district employs 270 teachers.

There was a time when textbooks added value to K12. In the old days, (1) content was truly scarce, and age-appropriate content was scarcer still; (2) teachers came to rely on the instructional resources such as the lesson plans and assignments that accompanied textbooks; and (3) students spent a significant portion of the school day, upwards of 50 percent, with their noses in textbooks, absorbing content.