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Darin Hostetter is the technology coordinator for Marshall Community Schools in Marshall, Ill.


Finding technology solutions for special-needs children can be expensive. So CDI has teamed up with The Tool Factory to offer recertified computers with preloaded, specially designed software for early learning, special education or autistic students.


Ralph Maier


Most people wouldn't buy a used car without a test drive. CDI can give you the same peace of mind when it comes to recertified computers.


If you're shopping for a new computer, what do you look for? A unit that's reliable, that can handle all your software applications and that is backed by an iron-clad warranty.


At Hillsborough County Public Schools in Tampa, Fla., college readiness is a districtwide goal for all students. With a diverse mix of over 190,000 students, the nation's eighth-largest school district turned to the College Board for help.


Educators at Sweetwater High School in National City, Calif., found themselves in a bind a few years ago. The school had been designated a "Program Improvement" institution under the No Child Left Behind Act, so changes had to be made.

By Christopher Craft