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Snapshots of attendance solutions that produced results.

Here is a low-tech way to connect with families of truant students.

Across the country, districts are cutting chronic absenteeism with an array of strategies—some as simple as mailing letters to parents, and others as complex as offering counseling, mentoring and support services.

Yonkers security director Brian Schulder follows these principles in keeping schools secure.

Yonkers security director Brian Schulder follows these principles to keep schools secure.

Security chief relies on his experience as a teacher in his job overseeing 39 schools and 70 officers.

School administrators more closely assess the social-emotional strengths of students and the impact of new programs.

Questions from three leading assessments.

How can district leaders guarantee that they will get accurate and actionable results from SEL assessments? What are the biggest challenges?

A February 2015 study from the Center for Benefit-Cost Studies of Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, concluded that, on average, every dollar invested in SEL programming yields $11 in long-term benefits.

With the manufacturing industry increasingly seeking workers with more advanced tech skills, high school career and technical education programs now focus heavily on robotics, unmanned aviation technology and mechatronics to help students jump-start potentially lucrative careers.