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Matching an urgency many have felt for some time, professional development for K-12 staff is now an articulated-and funded-national education priority. Under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, as much as $3.2 billion will be available for staff training. In addition, the act stipulates a hefty percentage of new federal grants be devoted to correlated staff development.

There's much more to an administrator's salary than just the bottom line. We go behind the numbers to reveal what really makes a desirable compensation package.

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The effects of September 11 are still being felt by educators and students a year later.

Here some of your colleagues share their feelings about the repercussions of this event

Chicago loves its basketball, but that's not why former pro player Arne Duncan got his job.

Nor is the reason his age. Thirty-seven is old for an athlete, but when it comes to running the third-largest school system in the country, it seems young.

Superintendents share the secrets to solving three key pre-K program pitfalls: working with private providers, funding and a shortage of classroom space


By now, everyone knows about the new education bill and its testing requirements. Or do you?