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A study conducted on multimedia projectors is putting a sharper focus on how the teaching tools are being used in classrooms.

The marketing study, conducted by a manufacturer of projectors, found that many school districts are using the technology, but some question if the machines are being used to their full potential.

Media specialists from 500 schools were questioned at the K-12 level, and the study found that 338, or 67 percent, had a least one projector at their school.

A 21st century student might have a hard time appreciating pre-Civil War history. So through the story of Aindreas the Messenger, written by Gerald McDaniel, one media specialist hopes to bring

On the evening of May 19, 2002, 13-year-old Christina Long was dropped off at the local Danbury, Conn., mall by her aunt. When her aunt, whom she lived with, came to pick her up, she wasn't there.

Mixing career topics into everyday classroom seals the school-to-work connection. And integration is not as tough as you'd think

"Come to Genitti's. It's the best food in Northville. You'll taste the difference.""The Fraser Inn makes you feel as if you are at home."

These simple ad slogans for businesses in the small Michigan city of Northville appeared in a special section of the local newspaper. The advertising agency of choice? Silver Springs Elementary School, Grade 3.

You've heard the hype, but are online textbooks coming to a computer near you anytime soon?

Find out what these districts have learned

You've seen it.

Students walking through school hallways, nearly slumped over from the immense weight on their backs. It's nearly a crime.

We're talking about students carrying 1,000-page textbooks in backpacks. Many students often get bored when they open such books. Sometimes, textbooks just don't carry their own weight.