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Digging up an 18th century fort in Bedford, Penn., keeps students honed into their history.

Encouraging people to own homes in once-run-down Bay Shore, N.Y., improves stability and student success.

Ken Hanrahan could hardly believe his ears. While attending a dinner hosted by International Business Machines last October, several IBM managers were enthusiastically sharing stories with him about the technology program at Jennings (Mo.) School District.

Rocky Point (N.Y.) Schools

A little south of San Diego--just 10 miles from the U.S. border with Mexico--is National City. If the name sounds like one an unimaginative suburban developer might have come up with, that's understandable. But in this case, the name fits the long history and the character of the community.

Auditorium Audit

They used to be called multi-purpose rooms or school auditoriums. But now, some school districts see them as community group centers, theaters or even revenue-generating performance halls.

In decades past, many children in special education could have been coddled and excused from being pushed mentally and academically.

But now, most people would agree that every child's talents and academic potential should be cultivated and stretched to its highest limit.

Moreland Hills Elementary School in Pepper Pike, Ohio, and Anderson County Early Childhood Center in Lawrenceburg, Ky., are just 352 miles apart as interstates go. Their preschool facility projects, however, are worlds apart financially.