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Large District Leaders Back NCLB

In Small Town USA, No Child Left Behind looks more like a foe than a friend. But most big city leaders think it's a reasonable challenge.

Paige: U.S. Schools Like Apartheid

As the federal government tries to improve student success under No Child Left Behind, the nation's top educator complains that many minority children are served so poorly it can be compared to apartheid conditions.

Rallies Speak for Struggling Schools

We need more. That simple plea was the message in 11 major cities across the nation when some members of Congress, teachers, parents, and ACORN members rallied to protest a shortfall of funding for No Child Left Behind.

Golden StateMaking Strides

California schools appear to be making progress toward federal goals for student proficiency in English and math.

A new report by the state Department of Education shows 55 percent of all schools meet adequate yearly progress targets as outlined in the No Child Left Behind Act, compared to 32 percent last year.

Results based on California's 2003 Standardized Testing and Reporting program reveal significant increases, mostly in lower grades, in the percentages of students meeting or exceeding proficiency levels.

Hear it in Court

Criticism just keeps coming for No Child Left Behind. The nation's largest professional employee organization, the National Education Association, is joining the malcontents nationwide, including governors, top school leaders and school boards. NEA plans to sue the federal government for allegedly forcing an unfunded mandate down state and local officials' throats, officials say.

Maine's Attempt to Be Exempt Axed

After the state Senate and House of Representatives in Maine passed a resolution requesting a waiver to exempt Maine from the federal No Child Left Behind legislation, the U.S. Department of Education rejected the plea.

"To opt out of the law basically would mean leaving behind the neediest kids," says Jo Ann Webb, department spokeswoman.

18,000 Look To Transfer in New York City

Parents of more than 18,000 New York City children have demanded they be transferred out of failing public schools and into better-performing schools as one of the rights given under No Child Left Behind.

Back to School Made Easy

The nation's only online competency-based teachers college was launched in March, in an effort to help teachers meet requirements under No Child Left Behind.

MESSAGE: Live Free or Go Broke

Will people from the "Live Free or Die" state tell the federal government to keep its NCLB regulations?