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Inside The Law

Nebraska's Showdown

Nebraska is doing just fine without the federal government. Nebraska Education Commissioner Doug Christensen says his state could meet most requirements of No Child Left Behind. He just doesn't know what could happen if the state doesn't.

The Push for Same-Sex Schooling

Would boys focus more on schoolwork without the distraction of girls in their class? Would girls be more assertive in school without worrying about competing with boys? The U.S. Department of Education is willing to give the idea a try.

Debate about tuition reimbursement for private school instruction began anew in February when President Bush released his proposed federal education budget for 2003.

Bush Promises Extra Funding for Reading First

In the new education bill, reading and literacy funding will rise by 11 percent. These funds will be spent in a new program called Reading First. For 2002, the program's inaugural year, Congress allocated $900 million to this program.

President George Bush and U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige will push for a federal investment of $1 billion in next year's education budget.