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Required Reading

Eamonn O'Donovan's thoughtful Supervisor's Opinion ("New Teachers Need Support," November/December 2010) should be required reading for superintendents and principals.


Misery Loves Company

Thank you, DA, for the recent salary survey article ("A Salary Recession for School Administrators," September 2010) based on the ERS's 37th national survey of salaries and wages in public schools. e article confirms the feedback we are receiving at AASA: The pain caused by the recession is being shared by all.

The drop in average salary increases for superintendents from the 2008-2009 school year to the 2009-2010 school year is noticeable and signals a trend that will undoubtedly continue into the 2010- 2011 school year.


Au Contraire

As a proud Vermont chauvinist, I feel compelled to point out that, contrary to your assertion in your first story in the States of Debate series ("Lone Star," May 2010), three U.S. states have been sovereign nations — Hawaii, Texas and Vermont. Vermont was an independent, self-governed republic for a period of time immediately following the Revolutionary War, I believe from 1777 to 1791.

Kate Davie, Librarian Blue Mountain Union School, Wells River, Vt.


DA's New Curriculum Newsletter Draws Praise

Congratulations on the March 3 issue of Curriculum Leader! This is an excellent example of the type of materials I like to present to administration and faculty. Your compilation of topical subject matter is timely and relevant to the needs of curriculum directors.

Laura Beltchenko, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, Wauconda (Ill.) CUSD #118

Shifting Roles: A Positive Trend

I enjoyed the 9th Annual Salary Survey article (“Administrator Roles Shift with the Times,” September 2009). The story spotlighted certain positions. It was reassuring to see that our salaries in Greenville County were for the most part in line with the survey data.


Eating Up School Lunch

I loved the recent article about districts serving healthier and more environmentally friendly meals (“The New School Lunch,” June/July 2009). As a rural school district in Colorado, Garfield Re-2 is leading the way in our state, with many similar initiatives. In fact, Andrea Martin, a New York-based chef, will be in our schools this year working with our kitchen managers and kitchen staff, training them on safety and nutrition, and working on new recipes. We will also have salad bars in all of our schools for the first time this year.


Fascinating Health Care Concepts

Fascinating Health Care Concepts


Phones Open Door for Possibility

In response to DA’s Tech Disruptions blog post of February 15, which criticizes Pennsylvania lawmakers’ proposed ban on cell phones in K12, a reader says:


The Irony of Prizes

I had seen the write-up about the 2008 Broad Prize for Urban Education given to the Brownsville (Texas) Independent School District (Editor’s Letter, December 2008). I was unaware that the district had not met NCLB requirements. Is it true that the district refused to test its students with authenticated objective tests of their academic achievement?

Patrick Groff, professor of education emeritus, San Diego State University

Editor’s note: The district’s NCLB status will be explained in an upcoming issue.