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IEPs for All

Regarding Daniel E. Kinnaman’s column about Individualized Education Plans for all students (“Change Every Child Needs,” October 2008), it’s something I have been talking about for years. I would like to take a closer look at your plan next month. My superintendent has discussed his desire to create a more individual curriculum plan. We have about 430 students in pre-K12. Although we have budget limitations, we do quite well offering a varied curriculum to our students, as well as college credit courses through our neighboring junior college.


Tricky “Curriki”

Thanks for mentioning in Kurt Dyrli’s blog (Product Posts, Aug. 6, 2008) about “free, open source ? curricula?” As pointed out in Dyrli’s blog, there are challenges to this innovative approach to educational content, most notably:


Technology Debate Needed



Notification System Needs Recognition



Lessons on Dress




Reaction to Stager's Column

Supporting Site Review

I'm speechless! The review of our Web site ("How Well Does This Web Site Work?" March 2008) is such a wonderful article. There are many people who are going to be excited about this, and the suggestions are great. I will pass on the link so all can see. Thanks to contributing writer Kurt Dyrli for his time and efforts.

Keeping Libraries on Administrators' Radars

I am the librarian at Rochester High School at Rochester (Ill.) CUSD 3A district. Several years ago I responded to District Administration concerning an article on reading in which there was no mention of libraries and librarians. However, I was delighted to read an article that focused on libraries and librarians ("Addressing Adolescent Literacy," January 2008).


Spreading the Green Word