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New Products

Sielox LLC
Sielox Class Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System

School Fuel
Mobile Learning Platform

Amplify Tablet

myCreate iPad App
The myCreate app is based on Stop-Action Movie (SAM) Animation software. Students can edit videos by slowing down or speeding up the delivery of frames, duplicating frames to lengthen scenes and adding music or audio recordings to their videos. Completed videos can be saved to personal albums and/or shared with family members and friends via Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, or HapYak.

Despite my time being cut short at TCEA 2013, thanks to a huge winter storm slamming into the Northeast where I live, I was still able to learn about a variety of new products for the K12 world. Many products come together to form a modern, 21st century classroom: hardware, software, mobile applications, even furniture, which were all showcased at TCEA.

Lauren Innovations
NaviGate Prepared


SPARKvue HD iPad App
Designed around a science learning framework, the SPARKvue HD iPad App works with any PASCO sensor to measure many forms of scientific data in real time, including pH, temperature, force and motion, and carbon dioxide level. The app can display the data in a graph, analog meter, digits, or table, analyze it with built-in statistical tools and create electronic student lab journals. 


Photoshop and Premiere Elements 11

Inspiration SoftwareInspiration Software
Inspiration Maps App, $14.99
This new application brings visual thinking and learning to the Apple iPad. Users can organize notes, documents and projects by creating visual models, maps and graphics. The app has dozens of templates to choose from and can be updated and edited easily. The program also works with Dropbox and iTunes to share and store documents.