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Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Teachers and Accusations of Abuse, Book, $16.95


Apple iChat

Axis Communications

Axis IP-Surveillance, $1,240 for Axis 2420

These surveillance products can connect to your district's existing analog cameras, digitize the photos they take, and then send those images to the IP network. The network DVR records from up to four locally connected analog cameras, and users can access the cameras remotely. The products include cameras, video servers, DVRs, serial servers and surveillance software.

Dialogic Communications Corp.

The Communicator

More than 30 years ago, the magazine was Curriculum Product Review. As it has evolved into a magazine for K-12 leaders, the new product section has reflected this change. The unfortunate side effect was that some curriculum products no longer had a regular place in our magazine. The publication of this section rights that wrong, by giving curriculum topics and products a semi-regular home. We will bring you a special section examining curriculum trends and products quarterly.


Compaq Presario

Notebook PC 3000, Hardware, $1,799

Sunburst Technology and Quickmind, Internet, Classroom License $1,199, Lab or Library license $3,999, Site license $7,499 (all prices are per year for 1-year subscription; discounts for 2-3 year subscriptions


Key in for Greater Productivity, Creativity


FileMaker Pro 6, $299 (upgrade $149)


Latest Palm Handheld Offers Smooth Data Management

PALM Tungsten T, Hardware, $499